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Tips in Getting Your Started to Write Your Memoir

If you want to write a memoir, you will find difficulty in starting to write. IN a memoir, you share some memories in your life which can include the good thing as well as the bad things that you have experienced in your life. But how do your write a memoir?

Here are some tips that can help and encourage you to write down your memoir.

Memoirs are not the same as autobiographies since memoirs only focus on a small portion of your life while an autobiography is the story of your whole life. Your autobiography can contain your memoir or you can also say that your memoir is only a part of your autobiography. You should stay focused on your chosen topic. Do not wander off in any other direction.

Start writing your memoir today and do not delay because it will be harder to start at another time. Each day there should be progress in your memoir. It is better if you can write at the same time, the same place and the same amount of time each day. Starting with the word ‘I remember ‘ can help breaks the ice.

Concentrate only on the people and events that are important and take out those that are not. Even if you are so fond of someone, if that person does not need to be in the story, then you don’t have to include him. Some important people to your do not have to be included if the event you are writing about do not include them. Include people and events that will help continue your story line.

Most memoir readers look for moving stories. They also want to be involved and their attention kept just like fiction novels do. It would be boring to read memoirs that only enumerate certain events according to how they happened. You need to bring your story or scene to life and you can use dialogue, suspense, or describe the setting in detail.

You can learn about memoir writing by joining a memoir writing group in your area or an online memoir writing group. You can use search engines for suggestions. If your local college offers writing courses, the you can enroll there or enroll in an online writing school. One of the best ways to improve your skills is to let a writer help you.

Writing memoirs is done in first person because you are the one telling your story. You are the only one who can tell it from your own point of view.

When you have decided on the important people and events, then start writing the details. With details, the reader will be able to visualize the story in her mind.

Before you start editing, you story must be finished. It is not advisable to stop to edit when your ideas are coming out quickly. Your train of thought and direction will be lost if you do. You can do the editing after you have written everything.

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